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We specialize in difficult service of process cases

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Worker’s Comp Surveillance

In California, it is estimated that workers’ compensation fraud costs the state between $1 billion to $3 billion per year. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous individuals who have not been injured on the job, yet they are reaping the benefits of a system intended to help those in need. The individuals who “work the system” often know they might be subject to surveillance, and they take extreme steps to dress and behave in a way that leaves the appearance that they are injured.

That’s why attorneys and insurance companies call us to handle this challenging area of surveillance. We are experts in conducting surveillance on individuals who are suspected of workers’ compensation fraud. After working thousands of worker’s comp surveillance cases, we have seen it all – and we’ve captured it all.

We are very experienced in investigating high-dollar value worker’s compensation cases for Fortune 500 companies, private companies, and state, local, and other governmental agencies.

Family Law Investigations

Our investigators have extensive experience in all aspects of family law matters. If you would like to hire an investigator in connection with a divorce, child custody, domestic violence, or other family law issue, contact us to learn how we can help you. Through the latest surveillance and GPS tracking techniques, we can get the facts, photos, and video proof your clients need. 

We specialize in difficult service of process cases.

Service Process

We offer process service for a variety of legal documents, including small claims, summons and complains, wage garnishment, judgments, restraining orders, evictions, etc. We have successfully served documents when other investigators have been unsuccessful in doing so.

Asset Searches

In a divorce, business dispute, or other legal matter, you may need to find assets which have been hidden from your clients. We can help you locate those assets and uncover information regarding the assets of individuals or businesses, including:

  • Business-related annual reports, statements, etc.
  • Registered businesses and interests
  • Public records searches, including reviews of state and local level records (criminal
    and civil courts, property, property tax, liens, judgments, etc.)
  • Vehicle ownership records
  • Public filings and declarations

Locate Individuals

Mike Harvey & Associates specializes in hard to locate individuals, including:
  • Witnesses
  • Judgment debtors
  • Ex-spouses hiding from obligations (child support, alimony)

We use the latest investigative techniques, proprietary databases containing tens of billions of records, and our years of expertise to find hard-to-locate individuals. We specialize in difficult service of process cases (subpoena service).