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Services for Individuals

Cheating Spouses / Partners

Do you suspect that your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful or keeping secrets from you? If you have observed unusual changes in behavior or routines, or you have a “gut feeling” that something is not right, you owe it to yourself to take some action. Using the latest covert surveillance techniques, including GPS tracking, Mike Harvey & Associates can get you the answers and evidence you need for peace of mind.

Our seasoned investigators know how to avoid being discovered by your spouse or partner while conducting surveillance and tracking. That’s why our clients, including high profile business executives and celebrities, rely on us to handle sensitive cases that require the highest level of professionalism and experience.

We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service which means that we will patiently listen to you and understand what you need, answer your questions, fully explain all the aspects of any investigation, communicate throughout the course of the investigation, and ensure that the evidence we obtain is court-admissible and our documentation is completed in a thorough manner.

Family Law Investigations

Are you a parent in the process of going through a divorce or are you a divorced parent concerned about your child’s welfare?

While the courts are more likely to give joint custody in a divorce proceeding, the reality is that sometimes one parent is more qualified to give the proper care that a child needs. If you have concerns that your spouse or former spouse may have a drinking, drug, or other problem that is adversely impacting his or her ability to take care of your child, or if you have concerns that your child is being left alone for an extended period of time, a private investigator can help. We can monitor the activities during your child’s visitation time with the other parent and report any unusual activity or area of concern. Don’t continue to lose sleep over these matters when an investigator can get the answers you need to give you peace of mind.

Our investigators have extensive experience in all aspects of family law matters. If you would like to hire an investigator in connection with a divorce, child custody, domestic violence, or other family law issue, contact us to learn how we can help you. Through the latest surveillance and GPS tracking techniques, we can get the facts, photos, and video proof you need.

We specialize in difficult service of process cases (subpoena service).

Asset Searches

If you are involved in a divorce, business dispute, or other legal matter, you may need to find assets which have been hidden from you. We can help you locate those assets and uncover information regarding the assets of individuals or businesses.

Elder and Child Caregiver Investigations

When you entrust someone to take care of and watch over your loved one, you should take every precaution to ensure that you know everything about that individual. Unfortunately, there are too many instances where the caregiver is not who they say they are or seem to be.

Has a new person entered your elderly relative’s life? Does he or she seem to be getting too close, are too willing to help, or are overly friendly?

Do you really have the information you need to know whether you can completely trust the person who is caring for your child, elderly relative, or other loved one? Sadly, there have been many documented cases of elder abuse and child neglect, and the elderly are particularly susceptible to individuals seeking to defraud them of their money and other valuable possessions. 

If you have suspicions about a care provider, or you want to be sure about the person you are about to entrust with a caregiving responsibility, let us help you. Mike Harvey & Associates can perform a thorough background investigation and, if needed, employ surveillance and tracking techniques to get the information you need to put your mind at ease.

Background Reports

Have you ever wondered what is in your background report? It’s wise to obtain and review your own background report. Don’t let others see your background information before you do. 

Are you in a relationship and you met the person you’re dating through the internet? Are you a concerned parent wondering if your child’s boyfriend or girlfriend is really who he or she appears to be? Obtaining a background report on someone you or your child is dating is a smart move to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Our private investigators access public records as well as proprietary databases which contain tens of billions of records. A background report will reveal information on aliases, liens, bankruptcies, judgements, aliases, addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, professional licenses, and other important data.

Locate Individuals

Mike Harvey & Associates specializes in hard to locate individuals, including:
  • Witnesses
  • Judgment debtors
  • Long-lost family members, friends, or schoolmates
  • Runaway teenagers
  • Runaway teenagers

We use the latest investigative techniques, proprietary databases containing tens of billions of records, and our years of expertise to find hard-to-locate individuals.